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What is Naturvie?

Obtaining a quality oil is not an easy task, the process and the work that this entails is arduous and sometimes hard, in spite of the years of experience that Naturvie has been carrying out this task, every year the same sensation is presented, that able to return you to the beginning and remind you that the mime, the hard work and the demand should never be forgotten. At least not, if you want the final product to be perfect.

Naturvie Olive Oil has very special qualities that set it apart from others, it could be called author’s oil, because we are the ones who control the process from start to finish. The Estate de Naturvie, where more than 15 varieties of olive trees create different varieties of olives covers more than 500 hectares. In it, each worker is fundamental and knows perfectly the way of working of the brand, its principles, including mime and delight for the tree that gives us such valuable fruit.

With these different varieties of olive trees, Naturvie creates its monovarietals as: the Arbequina, Cornezuelo, Frantoio and the newcomers, the Manzanilla Cacereña and Koroneiki. This last one of Greek origin that delights us with its properties, so strange to find in the national market and that nevertheless, Naturvie had the opportunity to bring to his Estate more than 20 years ago.

Another current monovarietal and that is having great reception among our customers is the Orange Oil, an exquisite taste where you can appreciate each and every one of the qualities of the variety of olive in particular and at the end of this the taste of orange . Thanks to the previous study of this product both flavors do not struggle to excel in the palate, each one has its own space.

Although they are in the Coupage where is the most absolute variety that distinguishes Naturvie, an exceptional oil wrapped in an attractive bottle, such as One Mil Flores or the series «In Love», with Spain in Love or World in Love. Or the most elegant with Full Moon at the head and First Olives. Among the varieties that make these delicious coupages are: Picual, Arbequina, Frantoio, Rojiblanca, Arbosana, Cornezuelo, Picudo, Koroneiki, Manzanilla Cacereña or Cobrançosa in the case of World in Love. The mixture of these varieties will depend on the product in question, I tend some as the Full Moon greater diversity of olives and others less.

In this way, Naturvie knows perfectly the process of its products, the study that has been carried out to achieve it, as well as the culmination of it. Here not only has the property that gives us the essential fruit of the product, the mime that is given and control over it for the result to be as expected.

The production of Naturvie is not much on a large scale, everything is done manually, with knowledge about each step, from the harvesting of the olive, the crushing of it, the filtering of the oil to the packaging, one of the most important moments, since it is necessary to control that there is no alteration of the oil, following and complying with the relevant quality standards. For this reason, Naturvie maintains and bets for the training of its workers, so that each one of them knows the process perfectly.

Attending to the most visual part of the product, the labeling is added to the bottle manually including, in the case of the Full Moon, the year of harvest in the explanatory book it contains.

The objective of all this is to offer a quality product, but with a high level of personalization and exclusivity, which makes the customer a part of the mime that Naturvie puts in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Thus, one of our principles follows the trend that seems so fashionable, that which demands the highest quality, the healthiest and the most natural possible in the products of the current gastronomic market.

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