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Quality, Design, Tradition

Quality is our maxim to follow and the Premium label our greatest goal. The love for Design renews us day by day to meet new challenges, it gives us vitality to transform a traditional product into a jewel.

Tradition unites us with our roots, with the knowledge that generation after generation has been perfecting. Exclusivity is the outcome of a harmonic script of all our principles, which results in an Author's Oil, of Premium quality, with limited numbering.

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Exclusive Bottle

We are the first and only company of Quality Oils in the world that uses a Decanter Bottle designed by the prestigious chef Martín Berasategui and that has been awarded internationally.

Our Delicatessen are wrapped in a cosmetic-style Jar, a model that we pioneered in our country. To which we add a label-seal in order to control and increase the security of the packaging.


Artisanal and manual production

The Signature Oil also entails that its labeling, packaging and shrink-wrapping is carried out manually, as well as the numbering of the Bottles. Limited series never exceed 10% of our production for each variety. We take care of and control every detail of the final product, from the field to the final consumer.

Based on these same principles, our Delicatessen are based on traditional recipes that are reproduced by hand and whose result is reminiscent of the most authentic flavor of yesteryear. From our Sweet Fig Pate, Olive Jam to our Sweet Tomato. La Pantry and the Gastronomic Culture of Extremadura gives us an added value on which all our products are sustained.


Full Moon, a magical EVOO

Full Moon is the result of the translation of the biodynamic concept to the world of Oil by collecting a series of olive varieties during the first Full Moon of the harvest. If the moon influences the tides, personality and so many other things, why couldn't it affect Oil Production?

These Conferences are held every year and clients, friends, relatives, journalists, etc. participate in them. Only by participating do you understand what the olive harvest consists of, its subsequent transfer to the mill, the weighing, the elaboration, the extraction of the Oil... The end? A toast in the light of the Full Moon for the beginning of a productive harvest and the memory of your own freshly extracted oil.


Much more than Oil

Committed to the dissemination of the culture of the Olive Tree and Oil, we organize Oil Tourism Days at the Farm. There are many colleges, national and foreign universities, such as Stanford, who visit us every year. We like to collaborate in school days, workshops on healthy eating, as well as in sporting events in which we participate as sponsors.

But not everything is dedicated to educational visits, but also to private conferences with various Plans to choose from. The Farm is adapted so that knowing the Process of making the Oil consists of an entertaining activity and an unforgettable experience.

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