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Are you thinking of packaging your Olive Oil to market it? Here are the main advantages of outsourcing this part of the process:

1. Less expense, less risk and more profitability

The packaging company has the machinery, personnel, materials and facilities necessary for production. By outsourcing the packaging service you can generate significant savings, since it reduces costs of space, equipment and personnel.

In addition, you assume less risk in the production process by avoiding mistakes that the packer already knows from experience. In addition, you know the costs in advance by agreeing on a budget in advance.

2. Higher quality

Thanks to its experience and specialization, an Olive Oil bottling company has the necessary resources and knowledge to achieve the highest quality of your product.

The maintenance of the product is a very important factor to take into account and a specialized company will know its ideal point: temperature, action of light, oxygen, conservation of organoleptic properties...

3. Less time, less worries and more performance

The external company is focused solely on this service, so its process is faster. Its productive objective is to optimize its times, efficiency and profitability. This favors that you can put your product on the market at the right time, as well as its rotation.

By outsourcing the packaging, you can focus on the other parts of the process, removing one of your worries.

4. Personalized targeting

You will receive continuous and personalized guidance on your product and its design, adjusting to your brand and your needs: container, format, capsule, sealing, labeling, packaging, ... The result will be unique.

If you are interested in subcontracting this part of the process, contact us without any obligation, via e-mail: or by phone at 621069879.

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