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This is what you are missing if you do not consume EVOO

Surely you have the impression of having read repeatedly the same owner in several channels «the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil» and it is not for little, because deservedly this product deserves so many articles referring to its qualities. Now, in Naturvie we have decided to tell you from another point of view, what would happen if we did not consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil? With this we want to refer to all kinds of people, whether it is the person who has not yet taken it, the person who normally does it, and the person in love with EVOO. For all of them, the causes that are given below will be to highlight what they are losing, or what would be lost.

Of course, everything must be accompanied by a balanced diet and a non-sedentary lifestyle. We start?

1. Catarrhs, flu, congestion

That’s right, not consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes us more prone to fall ill without any need, because our precious Liquid Gold is expert is to strengthen our immune system against external agents who want to damage it. This is due to the high levels of antioxidants that the oil has, so by not consuming regularly Olive Oil we are losing a great ally against diseases and infections.

2. Kilitos of more

The reality is clear, cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only the healthiest, but also the least calories generated. And not only that, according to several studies, it is able to provide a feeling of satiety as well as contribute to activate the metabolism and, in this way, burn more fat than normal. So if you have ever wondered why that friend, eating much more than you, is in better shape, maybe the difference is as simple as consuming or not consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil (besides of course some others). And more if we replace it with other non-virgin Extra Oil or condiments like butter.

3. Talks by the doctor

When you do not consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you are exposing yourself to some small talk from your trusted doctor, exactly because you are more likely to have higher cholesterol levels than that friend who usually consumes Extra Virgin Oil. Why? Mainly because it is demonstrated how the so-called «liquid gold» helps to regulate the levels of cholesterol in the blood and all thanks to the monounsaturated fatty acids, those that are in charge of reducing the levels of LCL.

Koroneiki oil, of Greek origin, which Naturvie owns on the farm, is one of the varieties that contains higher levels of monounsaturated fatty acid. Because of this, we believe that it is worth adding quality olive oil to our diet, as long as, of course, the rest of the diet is balanced and healthy, otherwise it will be like the one that asks for saccharin while eating something other bun industrial.

4. A more tense and dry skin

The explanation is simple, because among the many benefits provided by oil, one of them is not through their consumption but through touch. We thus find a natural product that helps hydration and regeneration of your skin with the simple act of soaking it in a cotton and applying it to the area that we want to hydrate.

5. Increased risk of diabetes

More than one scientific study has pointed and revealed this interesting fact, the most revealing has been the one published by the magazine «Diabetes Care», which ensures that Extra Virgin Olive Oil could reduce up to 50% the chances of suffering from diabetes type II. The reason is due to the healthy fats that the product contains, which help regulate blood sugar levels, as well as the production of insulin.

If this data is not enough, scientists from the University of Malaga, from the Biomedical Research Institute (IBIMA) also endorse this information, as they have shown that the daily consumption of hydroxytyrosol, polyphenol found in extra virgin olive oil, reduces the vascular problems that occur because of diabetes mellitus.

6. Pressure in your arteries

Although the mere fact of not consuming normally Olive Oil does not mean that our pressure has higher than normal levels, we must bear in mind that for a person with a lifestyle similar to ours and a stable consumption of Virgin Oil Extra in your daily diet, you will have many more benefits in your blood pressure than those who do not get used to it. Why is this? To the healthy fats of which we have spoken previously, which help to reduce the diastolic and systolic blood pressure of our organism.

7. A more frizzy hair

Although our hair is kept in perfect condition without hardly taking Olive Oil, be assured that the nutrients of this could keep it even better. If by a casual, you suffer the frizz in your hair, surely what I expose you next interests you.

The nutrients provided by our flagship product not only help to prevent or reduce previous ailments, they also provide a much healthier and more beautiful state to our hair. Either by eating it at meals or by applying it gently in the most conflictive areas of the hair, the Oil is a natural regenerated that will give you a perfect result. In addition, in this way you can alternate them with masks that, in many cases, contain chemical compounds, such as the well-known parabens, in controversy about their daily use.

8. Natural analgesic

While it is true that we need medicine to overcome any ailment of health, it is equally true that Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides an anti-inflammatory action that helps us reduce the pain coming from joints and muscles.

All this is thanks to the oil content of the oil, as is confirmed by the many scientific investigations that have been carried out, therefore, it could be said that people who regularly consume Extra Virgin Oil are less likely to suffer this type of ailments than those that on the contrary do not do it.

9. You lose a lot of support against mental deterioration

Another of the many qualities that has in Olive Oil, thanks to the properties it contains in terms of healthy monounsaturated fats, is the power they possess against mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

10. Slower learning

Like all the previous points, by not periodically consuming extra virgin olive oil you will be losing a great ally in favor of good learning and memory. The antioxidant polyphenols will prevent cerebral aging, neutralizing the oxidative stress of the brain.

In conclusion, each of the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which have been demonstrated in different scientific studies, help us to alleviate in many cases aging, the appearance of some diseases or even to alleviate certain pains. Hence, those who forget to include this great product in their diets for any reason, will be wasting a friend and partner of the ideal health status.

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