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Crispy oatmeal cookies

«Digestive», «low salt», «no sugar», «whole» … By now we know that some cookies that adorn aisles of supermarkets, paint them as they paint them, they are not healthy. In fact, little word of nutritionist, I will tell you that they are the opposite. That is why, as no one bitter a sweet, today I bring you a recipe of healthy crispy oatmeal cookies, ready in a jiffy and delicious. Do you feel like it?

Crispy oatmeal cookies



  1. The first thing is to make the date candy. I recommend having a little pot made in the fridge and turning to it when we want to sweeten a recipe. Remember that it is a good ingredient to sweeten as we discussed in the recipe of hazelnut and cocoa cream, in the gourmet fruit sponge cake and homemade granola.

  2. To make it, we debone the dates and chop them together with a little water to obtain a creamy texture. Depending on the power of the chopper we will get a more or less creamy texture.

  3. Mix in a bowl the fine oatmeal flakes and the oatmeal with the baking powder. Then add the koroneiki olive oil, fresh milk and date candy and stir well until all the ingredients are impregnated.

  4. We take small portions and we make crushed balls shaped cookies with the help of a cutter.

  5. Bake the cookies for 20 minutes at 180º and let them cool.

As always, I tell you that there are alternatives:

  1. We can use vegetable drink to make cookies in the case of people with lactose intolerance, allergy to cow’s milk protein or vegans. Of course, I recommend it to be a more neutral taste like rice drink.

  2. For people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, it is important that if you want to make these cookies, use certified oatmeal without gluten.

Take advantage!

Victoria Fagúndez, Dietitian – Nutritionist

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