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Yogurt Parfait, Fig Spread and Crunchy Oatmeal

Are you bored of having a snack, having breakfast or chopping at mid-morning always the same? If that is the case, this is the perfect recipe for you. With a really simple preparation and quality products, you can make several cups of yogurt parfait and fig pate with crunchy oatmeal and enjoy those moments of rest, either at home or at work.

In addition, as everything that Snapsfotografía offers us, this recipe will not influence your balanced Diet, because all its products are of the healthiest, especially the Sweet Fig Spread, handcrafted with figs from the land of Extremadura. Exquisite!

Difficulty: Very easy

Diners: 1



  1. Heat a frying pan with oats and a spoonful of sweet fig spread. Mix well and let the pate melt well and caramelize with the oats. Let cool and reserve.

  2. In a small glass, we put to the bottom a spoonful of spread of figs. We add yogurt until filling the glass.

  3. We ended up putting the crunchy we had reserved on top of the yogurt.

By María Sainz, SnapsFotografía, for Naturvie.

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