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White Bean and Red Pepper Tapenade with Orange EVOOa

Have you ever imagined that all these ingredients could form a tapenade? If you want to surprise with a rich, original and healthy canapé you can not doubt because this is your recipe. Take paper and pencil and write down all the ingredients, the procedure is simple, you just have to create the texture that you like the most.

If after serving you add a little orange oil, the result will be even more surprising and spectacular.

White Bean and Red Pepper Tapenade with Orange EVOO


  • 250g White beans cooked

  • 1/2 cup of roasted red pepper with its juice

  • 1 cayenne (if you do not like the spice put half or nothing)

  • Water depending on the desired texture

  • Salt to taste.


Beat all the ingredients and serve with crudités of carrot, celery, zucchini, pepper … Imagination to power!

How delicious the red pepper, I love it! Did you know that it protects cells from oxidative stress? But the thing is not there, also has a lot of vitamin C (great help to absorb iron from food), a lot of magnesium and vitamin B6 (your friends to combat anxiety, stress and insomnia) and a lot of folic acid. You can not ask for more!

By Pilar Onrubia, from the Gastro channel on Instagram @labaronisima

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