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Uses for Monovarietal Oils: Arbequina, Ernezuela, Frantoio

Since a few days ago we decided to launch on our website an offer of the most attractive, a pack of three monovarietals at an irresistible price that includes the varieties of Frantoio, Arbequina and Cornezuelo. If you are still not very into the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the most normal thing is that all the varieties sound the same to you, to avoid it is the purpose of this entry. And how will we do it? recommending its use in the kitchen of our day to day, something that once you try you will not want to go back.

The nuances of each variety are favorable for a particular dish, but do not make us wrong ideas, the Quality Oil is not only for use in prestigious restaurants, we can and should use it at home, in recipes as usual as scrambled, sauces etc. But what nuances are we talking about? the most normal thing is that for a neophyte from the world of oil, he does not know them, so we want to clarify it with simple terms and some example recipes.

  1. Variety of Arbequina, Bottle 250ml

The sensations that Arbequina offers are associated with foods such as almonds, fruits such as green apple or banana. It is one of the most fruity oils, so it is said that the sweet attribute prevails against the spicy, with a slight bitter touch.

Thanks to these characteristics, it is recommended to finish dishes such as fruit salads, vegetables, as well as recipes for raw fish, smoked or roasted meats.

Our choice this time has been the fish, specifically a salmon to which the Arbequina oil will enhance all its flavor and will be perfectly on the plate. As in the photograph that we added, if you introduce a bit of mango, this simple preparation dish will have a spectacular and appetizing result.

  1. Variety of Ergot, Bottle 250ml

The olive of this variety is native to Extremadura, specifically the oil produced in Naturvie comes from ancient olive trees that were grafted more than 200 years ago on our El Hoyo estate. Characteristic is the slightly spicy sensation that stands out against the bitter and the sweet, hence it is perfect for all those who like powerful oils.

It is curious how you can distinguish notes to apple, tomato or green leaf when we try this variety, that’s why we recommend it for rice, carpaccio of meat or cooked vegetables. In all these dishes, the variety of Cornezuelo will be the most pleasant and palpable, which is the main objective when we include a quality oil in any recipe.

We choose a rice with meat and vegetables to enjoy this Ergot monovarietal, the perfect thing is to cook with it and also add a good jet to the final dish so that its essence combines even better in the final result of the flavors.

  1. Variety of Frantoio, Bottle 250ml

Monovarietal of Italian origin but with essence from Extremadura thanks to its implantation in our Finca, the Frantoio variety olive trees feed on the climate of our region. The nuance that predominates in this EVOO when we try it raw is the great harmony it has, without predominance of spicy or bitter. That is why it is a very versatile oil, that we can use in any daily dish that we want to extol like fish, salads, vegetable preparations etc.

These are the most common dishes that are usually recommended for this variety, but we propose something original and surprising, who said that a quality oil could not be used in a sauce? Sometimes it tends to play down the importance of a good sauce, without remembering that thanks to this we can culminate in a surprising way a simple dish, like a fresh pasta.

Hence, our choice is a Pesto sauce like this, perfect for use with EVOO, thanks to its raw preparation. The keys to our Pesto sauce?

The basil leaves should be fresh, green and be the more aromatic the better. We can check your level by splitting them with your fingers.

In the traditional Italian recipe, specifically from the region of Ligura, Genoa, is to add two types of cheeses at the time of their creation: Parmesano and Pecorino.

Another of the key ingredients are pine nuts, substitutable by nuts, and garlic (be careful not to exceed the quantity)

And of course, the indisputable, the Frantoio Olive Oil.

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