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Potato and sweet potato wedges with salt flakes at Paprika from La Vera 

The recipe that we bring today has the sweet potato as one of its main ingredients; a delicious, cheap and very nutritious seasonal product.

This time it is a super healthy fat food, which allows us to use it as a substitute for the classic chips, for a quick snack, or as a garnish or accompaniment to our favorite dish.

The best of these segments of sweet potatoes and potatoes is that you can customize them with those flavors that you like, allowing lots of different combinations with herbs, spices, oils, etc.

Eat and enjoy!




  1. Wash the potatoes and sweet potatoes very well, under running water and with a brush, as we will leave the skin.

  2. Then, cut the potatoes in half and each of them in three or four segments.

  3. Cut the sweet potatoes into two or three equal parts, depending on their size, and then like the potatoes, trying to make them look similar in size.

  4. Put everything in a bowl and add the rest of ingredients: oil, breadcrumbs or oats, salt with lightly crushed paprika, herbs and garlic.

  5. Mix well and distribute evenly over a vegetable paper in the oven tray, preheated at about 200º C.

  6. Bake for about 35-40 minutes, stirring after half the time to brown all equally.

  7. Remove from the oven and serve hot (even if you do not burn!) So that they remain crisp. They can be accompanied by a homemade barbecue sauce, with yogurt sauce or with those that more or like.

By Ana Aledo, ComerezaAna, for Naturvie.

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