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Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day

Today, International Women’s Day, the day will be one of the most demanding in recent years due to the strike call held worldwide that will take place throughout the day in more than 30 countries, ours one of them.

There are many issues to carry out such a call, including the salary gap between men and women with the same job position in many cases, street harassment that continues to suffer, sexist violence that far from diminishing, increases in many periods of the year and that results in deaths.

Each of the women who champion the equitable gender motive in all sectors of life, have good reasons and reasons to do so, so the Day of celebration is still, like all others, one more fight so what is fair. Hence, from Naturvie we want to support the cause in a more cheerful way, remembering those female characters that some, even inadvertently, represented the feminist cause in the best way: with successes.

This is a very brief review of history, remembering the passing of some women who left their mark, their discovery, their study and that represent so many others who did not have the same luck of being able to record their name in history.

  1. Hypatia of Alexandria, considered as the first scientific woman.

Recently the character has been starred by the actress xxxxx in the film by Alejandro Amenábar entitled Ágora. In this film, the Spanish director tells the numerous ideas, studies and paradigms that this woman struggled to discover. Numerous feminist movements champion Hypatia of Alexandria as a figure of vindication of the liberated woman.

  1. Ana María de Soto, First female sergeant.

Attracted by the military world, in the middle of the year, 1777 entered history by posing as a man through the name of Antonio, thus entering the 6th Company of the 11th Marine Battalion. Ana María de Soto experienced first-hand the European conflict between revolutionary France and different coalitions for five years. In addition, this woman participated in the Battle of Cabo San Vicente in 1797 on one of the largest warships in the world.

As if it were a film script, his deception was discovered in a routine medical examination, where his female condition would be uncovered. Although exceptionally, the end does not unfold in a tragic way, because far from being condemned, Ana Maria de Soto received countless praises on his exploits, including that of King Carlos IV who gave him the position of Sergeant and a salary for life with which he could Live the rest of your life.

  1. Marie Curie, First woman to win two Nobel Prizes

The two prizes, in Physics and Chemistry, were due to his study on the Theory of radioactivity, on the techniques for the isolation of radioactive isotopes and the discovery of Polonium and Radio. Although this knew little, Marie Curie was also the first woman capable of becoming a professor at the University of Paris.

  1. Amelia Earhart, national idol and first woman to make a solo flight across the Atlantic.

Although the headline could be that, the truth is that the figure of this woman marked a before and after in the history of America, turned into an idol and spokesperson of the feminist movement. After studying at Columbia University, she completed her training at Harvard and later served as a nurse in a field hospital in Canada during the First World War.

1932 was the year in which he decided to embark on the most dangerous trip so far, the crossing of the Atlantic and to make matters worse, he did it alone. On this trip, he also established a new speed mark, for which he was awarded by the United States Congress with the Distinguished Flight Cross, the first woman to receive it. His exciting life ended when he decided to go around the world using a different route than usual, following the line of Ecuador. When he completed 33,000 kilometers in 30 days, his plane disappeared from the crossing.

  1. Malala Yousafzai, Person in getting the youngest Nobel Peace Prize

Target of the terrorist group TTP, Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, who already tried to end their lives in an attack on the school bus in which Malala was traveling, with several shots to the skull and neck. His only crime has been to receive an education and make use of this narrative in various channels, including his own blog, life under the regime of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, a terrorist organization that proclaims Islamic religious extremism and jihadism in the valley of Swat river.

Malala had to be transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, for fear of the TTP’s threats to end her life. After his recovery, far from hiding out of fear of threats, he began working in several activist causes for the rights of children and young people to receive an education. A year before receiving the Nobel Prize, in 2013, Time magazine chose her as one of the most influential people in the world.

This is the most recent story of the many exciting characters of female characters. We can add many other names that all they do is evidence the absurd and inadmissible conviction that unfortunately many still have today on the limited capabilities of women.

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