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Fry with EVOO? Yes!

Why cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Surely on more than one occasion you have found an article that tells you about the great benefits with respect to health that quality oil provides. Therefore, including it in our daily diet is always a good idea to take care of yourself.

The purpose of this news is to go beyond the known benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the purpose is to dispel some myths about oil in the kitchen, as well as to make known other ways of consuming Olive Oil that were previously made to you. Unthinkable.

The consumption of EVOO has evolved to other areas since a few years ago, it is not only considered for dressing the typical salads, now it is also advised to take it raw, without further ado. But we are aware that for someone who does not usually take it, this measure can be drastic.

For this there are also other considerations, such as adding it alone, on a plate accompanied by a good bread, as if it were an appetizer. There are already more than one restaurants that usually offer such a thing as an entree, and as a result, many people imitate this step in their homes. For anyone who tries this simple dish will instantly realize what it can get to feed and fall in love with.

The positive trend of consumption of EVOO has been extended until frying. Although it was thought that it was better to consume other types of oils that were not Extra Virgin Olive, such as Sunflower, for such action, it has been proven, thanks to the qualities of the Extra Virgin, that we erred completely. Here are some erroneous statements that are commonly believed:

When frying with EVOO, the food becomes more greasy, less crunchy. With a resounding NO, the justification for this is that when frying with Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the correct temperature, a crust is immediately formed on its exterior that prevents the food from absorbing more oil, thus preserving all its nutritional value.

It is more expensive to fry with EVOO. Although quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is more expensive than any other seed oil on the market, the explanation given below immediately belies this premise. Quality oil has the habit of increasing, or «growing» in the pan when its temperature increases, so we will need much less quantity than with any other type of oil. In addition, Olive Oil does not impregnate so much food, so in the long run it ends up saving in quantity. Not to mention the properties of EVOO, which allows it to support more fritters than, for example, sunflower oil, which translates into better performance.

Frying with Sunflower Oil is not bad. Although we dare not say outright that frying with sunflower oil is harmful to our health, what is absolutely true is that doing it with olive oil is much better. This is due to the resistance of this to high temperatures, which translates into no production of toxic elements, as it does with different seed oils.

The only havoc that was left to overcome the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the time of frying food, far outweighs these explanations.

Far from frying, there are other uses that are being enhanced in the Extra Virgin Oil, because as we mentioned above, the oil is no longer considered only a dressing of dishes, now it is rare food, dessert or even drink in which used. The gustatory and healthy qualities that they provide make this the perfect ingredient in any recipe, going from being a mere companion to being the undisputed protagonist.

The proposals are innumerable and among the most striking, is the Olive Oil ice cream or the cocktail where the secret ingredient is a good EVOO. But that is the responsibility of our chefs, gastronomes and foodies, which will gradually bring us new and succulent recipes with Naturvie quality oil.

Our advice is to encourage you to discover what is the perfect Olive Oil for your favorite dish, do not be afraid of being daring in the kitchen, to include our EVOO either in a sauce or in a good chocolate dessert, open yours Awareness of the palate to discover which is the Oil that best houses with your plate. At Naturvie we have the perfect variety and we are open and attentive to listen to your best results, your best combinations.

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