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Five restaurants that you can not miss … León

If you are thinking about visiting or spending some weekend in León, apart from its fascinating historical monuments and interesting neighborhoods, you can not miss its gastronomic culture, a culture that has been evolving for a few years now.

León is no longer seduced by its historical and architectural wealth, as evidenced by the fact that it is an aspirant along with Cuenca in becoming the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2018.

And it could be said that the experience, along with the talent, is one of its best allies, but that they tell it to the title that it holds as a city with more bars for inhabitants of all Spain. Specifically, there are 5,03 establishments that correspond to each inhabitant, adding a total of 635 spaces.

The art of traveling should not be considered as such if one does not step on the most recognized gastronomic altars of the place visited. In fact, from Naturvie we are of the firm belief that there is no better way to get to know a city, than to savor the gastronomy it creates, tasting the same as its inhabitants. Leon is a trend and without underestimating his current rival, Cuenca (to which we will soon give a valuable space in our news section) we have selected five restaurants that would be a carnal sin not to visit your way through the city.

If among 635 establishments it is impossible to select five with something of success, our choice has been based on characteristics such as originality, avant-garde, authenticity or simply its romanticism, either in its letters or its styles. We start?

Apart from being a very pleasant place, it offers you the possibility of enjoying three private rooms according to the needs of your event. Casa Mando incorporates the typical products of the area in a nice and modern way. In this very attractive mix, this restaurant does not lack the smallest detail, we encourage you to get lost in its cozy corners, where enjoying a romantic dinner is almost inevitable.

There is no shortage of quality products from other geographical areas such as Santoña anchovies, Asturian-style cachopo or Galician variegated scallops. Of course, neither forget nor leave aside the most typical of León, such as beef jerky, black pudding, spicy sausage etc.

Where to find it? It has its own entrance on General Lafuente Street, but it is located in the Conde Luna de León Hotel building.

As mentioned above, Cocinandos not only has one of the acclaimed Michelin stars, it also offers a tasting menu of 43 euros, which changes every 10 days and which is perfect to introduce the delicacy of haute cuisine to mortals. Much of the blame for the success of this restaurant is summarized in the passion that their chefs feel for the product of the land, that which is found in the traditional markets of the city.

Its cuisine follows a pattern of success, which apparently has marked most of the establishments in the city: one that combines the classic and traditional purer of Leonese cuisine with a service and presentation totally avant-garde.

Where to find it? Calle de las Campanillas, 1


In the hotel Alfonso V you will find this innovative and daring restaurant, its architect Javier del Blanco, who is considered by many to be the revelation Chef of Leon. The restaurant has a tasting menu at an affordable price for those who wish to taste the delicacy and particularity of the flavor in haute cuisine, since it is distilled for about 35 euros.

In addition, the creativity of this chef and his kitchen team innovates every month to continue presenting to its guests the most traditional gastronomy turned into innovation.

Proof of this are the 15 versions that chef Del Blanco has derived from a star dish in the Leonese style, cocido. In this process for the difference, the chef does not forget the products of the land such as cecina or botillo.

Where to find it? Avenida del Padre Isla, 1. (Hotel Alfonso V)

The space that the promoters of El Mercado restaurant have created will not leave you indifferent. As if it were El Corte Inglés, moving from section to section at the time you most want is possible thanks to its three floors. Each of them is dedicated to a specific need, whether it is a hidden dining room after the appearance and light of an art gallery, a bar with a fusion between the modern and the old, or a gourmet shop where you can find some typical delicatessen the area is more than possible.

The market of the street Varillas seems to have been devised and created with the aim of being impregnated in the mind of all those who visit León. And not only for its decoration and distribution of spaces, but also for the dishes offered by its menu.

Where to find it? Calle Varillas, 3

The name of the restaurant already invites you to visit it, right? The word roof always conveys pleasant sensations, but if, in addition, the name of Leon follows, the perception of the place is much more than positive. And we can attest to that, dining at this restaurant becomes an unforgettable experience: the roofs of the homes of Leon support the imposing light of the cathedral and while, the letter maintains dishes capable of seducing us keeping the tradition as a base and finishing with touches new and current.

In his menu, the tasty crispy chicken strips with mustard and honey sauce do not fail, but he is also able to surprise instantly with dishes such as carbonara ravioli with grilled octopus or avocado gazpacho and tomato tartar.

Where to find it? General la Fuente s / n.

Ultimately, the choice of these five restaurants was intended to highlight what many others have already discovered: this unsigned agreement that Leon’s gastronomic figures have been forging, that eclosion of their gastronomy transporting it to a second level, where He talks about evolution but where progress does not forget its origins. From Naturvie, we can only wish you the best of luck.

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