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Balance diet? Impossible if you do not follow these nutrition gurus

Healthy life, balanced diet? Sometimes our effort is not enough, it is necessary to know what our body tolerates better and worse, even sometimes we think we are doing it well but … is it really that way?

Of course, anyone who is interested in a balanced and healthy diet knows certain rules, such as the benefits of vegetables, fruit, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, etc. But the truth is that the world of nutrition is a complex world which is worth knowing and having a certain knowledge.

Of course, despite what society sends today, we can not be specialists in everything, so why not leave it to professionals? We know that not everyone can afford to regularly attend a dietitian, but at Naturvie we have the solution. The best that the digital age has provided us is the easy access to a lot of information for free, of course, all this information can be very confusing and sometimes even incorrect or false.

For this type of case, the digital revolution has also given us platforms such as Instagram where, as you know, professionals from different sectors coexist, whether in fashion, gastronomic trends, sports and, of course, how could it be otherwise , nutrition If you really want to maintain a healthy diet it is necessary that you know the work of any of them.

Today it is important to have a real and professional advice on this issue, so that we can differentiate what is really healthy from what social fashion imposes on us: a slender and thin physical state, because this, in most cases, It differs a lot from true well-being. We, promoters of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, want to offer you one of the most relevant professionals in the nutrition sector within the Fashion Social Network: Instagram.

Of course, we invite all those mentioned to try our EVOO and give some advice on the use of this in the diet, we will be happy to receive your sincere opinion so that you also learn, which is the main objective of this entry.

How about we start?

  1. Victoria Fagúntez, @vik_fagundez.

Training Dietitian-Nutritionist, what we like most is their profile and style when explaining what are the most healthy eating tips. Her instagram channel is as young as her, but the quality of her photographs make us create a great future for her in the world of nutrition. For all these reasons, Victoria Faúntez has become the new signing of Naturvie, so very soon you will be seeing some advice on the Oil and the use of this in our diet through your perspective and professional eye. For our part we can only say that Welcome!

  1. Aitor Sánchez, @midietacojea.

Author of «Mi dieta limps», a reference in the world of nutrition. In addition to a published book, its influence in the digital world is extensive and recognized with a blog, a YouTube channel and accounts with a great impact and a high number of followers on Instagram and Twitter. In addition to this, collaborations with other media are abundant as # NutritionRTVE, in short, Aitor Sánchez is the face behind a successful blog dedicated to Nutrition and Dietetics.

  1. FitHappysisters, @fit_happy_sisters.

The best example of how sympathy can be the key to a professional speech in the people. As we discover his name, FitHappysisters is made up of two sisters who, through their Youtube Channel and Instagram, advise us on how to enjoy food by eating 100% healthy foods. Or versioning traditional recipes whose experience tells us that the light is what they least sin, like croquettes, a Christmas nougat etc.

  1. Victoria Lozada, @nutritionisthenewblack.

Of Venezuelan origin but of adoption from Madrid, she is the author of one of the reference blogs in the nutrition sector: «Nutrition is the new black». A blog that far be monotonous in terms of recipe publications, offers a wide variety of workshops with option to advice. His enthusiasm and knowledge are transferred to Instagram where the numbers of followers have not stopped increasing, one of his secrets may be the naturalness with which he advises us.

  1. Gabriela Uriarte, @gu_nutricion.

Expert not only in the nutrition sector, but also in its dissemination. Its website offers a wide service related to the diet of a specific person profile, highlights the plans offered: Overweight and Obesity, Sports Nutrition or Nutrition for Pregnant Women. In addition to this, your Instagram Channel will not leave you indifferent, there are many photographs of advice and healthy recipes that he publishes regularly, with an ideal aspect for anyone who thinks that healthy cooking is boring or bland.

What are you waiting to start following them?

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