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Are you looking for an ECO Products Supermarket? We help you!

What was and is a necessity became a trend a few years ago, then went into fashion, until now all businesses and brands want and need to adapt to «ECO» or «BIO«. Nobody can assure the exact moment or the trigger that produced that the people began to worry about what they consumed and above all for the treatment that had been given to those food products.

Perhaps it was the numerous studies that supported the theory of the already known «we are what we eat» or the importance of having a good and healthy physical appearance. What is clear is that today there are more and more markets that choose to have 100% organic products in their shelves due to the high demand.

But once arrived at this point, it is important to remember and at the same time not forget the products that were always there, have a thousand-year history and do not need a certificate to know that their properties are highly beneficial for our health. This is the case of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which although its benefits would give us to extend throughout this post, our goal this time is to get you the best establishments in relation to providing the consumer with Ecological products.

Although the concern and interest for a healthier diet through this type of products is more and more widespread among the population, it must be pointed out that not all cities can support specialized establishments only in this. Therefore, most of the most recommended establishments are located in cities with a larger population.

Salud Mediterránea, Madrid / Online

It has three stores in different neighborhoods of the capital, what we like most about this chain is its progression, since it was born as a warehouse with some artisanal products and now it has become a benchmark for other brands that start the walk ECO .

In addition, another advantage is the variety of products that can be found, with references ranging from the cosmetics sector to organic drinks.

For the most aware of the animal world, Mediterranean Health is one of the few businesses that offer organic eggs with digit 0, that is, from free-range chickens, far from the crowded farms of the big chains. And all that at a very attractive price, because as you know, organic products tend to be sold for higher figures than a standard product.

GranBiBio, Murcia, Madrid / Online

Although it has an online store, it owns several establishments located in Madrid and Murcia, where the family of farmers and ranchers came from, who founded the brand of ecological and natural products. The experience in the cultivation of products of this family is only the beginning of a career led by the implementation of new and modern cultivation techniques in combination with the most traditional crafts. Moving on to found a supermarket that has become one of the most important in the Sector.

For all those who are interested in this type of organic products, you can take a look through their website to the great variety they offer with exclusively ecological references for the little ones. In addition, quality control is one of the fundamental pillars of GranBiBio, as all of its foods have the corresponding certifications in addition to another internal control that guarantees extra security.

La Magdalena de Proust, Madrid / Online

His speciality? The ecological bread. Apart from this, it is a delight to enter your store located in the popular Madrid neighborhood of Chueca, not only for the other references in BIO products it contains, but also for its modern decoration. Something that you will appreciate if you want to escape from the boring ecological stores where green predominates in a manifest way.

Do not forget the courses offered, La Magdalena de Proust is also ideal to be accompanied by a friend of vegan or vegetarian, there you can find training to do things like: Vegetable burgers, Vegetarian Indian Cuisine or organic bread kneading in those who are specialists.

While it is true that visiting your store is something more charming, you can find their products on the web. There you will discover an ease of purchase with cold transport service, adapted to fresh products. In addition, we love your awareness of the environment using the electric car for shipments to Madrid Centro.

Veritas / Online

We can not finish our recommendations without mentioning Veritas, a reference in the sale of Bio products. Apart from its powerful Online Store, with multiple references of ecological certification in Perfumery, Beverages, Fresh Products and of course, all kinds of food, has a directory that can help you check if you have one of their physical stores near you .

If this is not the case, there is nothing to worry about, on its website you can find any type of article and not only of ecological condition, also other special Gluten Free or for a vegan diet, all in the same online store.

Super Sano, Multiple cities / Online

Last but not least, Super Sano offers one of the biological supermarket chains most likely to find a store near your city or in it. Well, it has establishments in cities such as Benalmádena, Almería, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Alicante, Altea, Albacete, etc.

Although, as in the previous cases, has an online store as attractive and functional to make your purchase greener. Its expansion makes sense because it is the first chain of organic supermarkets in Spain, so your experience in this type of food is already quite extensive, specifically since 2015, year in which he began his career for the healthiest products.

These five supermarkets are just some of the main ones that for us head the long list of brands that opt ​​for the Ecological. It is a very good news that society in general is aware of following a healthy life starting with their diet, the upward trend in the consumption of these products are proof of this.

Of course, from Naturvie we want to remember how other products, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, have always been the most beneficial products for health without having to carry a specific certificate.

In Naturvie we advocate and work for a quality oil, with a control in its highest production, where quality prevails over quantity. Therefore, from here we say Yes to the Natural, Yes to the Healthy, and in short, Yes to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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