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10 reasons that will make you fall in love with Naturvie 🥰

Naturvie is not only a company specializing in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our aspirations go much further, our goal is not only to recognize the quality olive oil worldwide, but also to prove it and consume it is an experience that goes beyond the sensory.

1º. Quality, Health, Tradition, Passion. In Naturvie’s Olive Oil nothing remains when it is raised, everything is the product of the love for the olive tree, the effort for an impeccable work and the experience that the family tradition provides. Naturvie is made up of workers who take care of every detail of the process of making the oil, from the flowering of the olive, the ripening of the same, the time of harvest to the bottling of the oil. In addition, as most of you already know the benefits of Extra Virgin Oil are incalculable, every day a reputed university launches a study that corroborates it. But Naturvie offers much more than health and well-being, liquid gold is an identifying product of our country that must be assessed from its roots in order to make it known abroad. The objective of Naturvie therefore is not only to spread olive oil as a dressing or food, but also as a way of life, as a reference for a quality supplier country, a reference of variety and gastronomic richness. Sounds good, does not it?

2º. Bet for innovation, for the original. With the only decánter bottle on the market, designed by the prestigious chef Martín Berasategui, Naturvie gets a perfect system for the decanting of the oil, which despite being perfectly filtered, helps both when serving and conserving it. On the other hand, this same system is perfect for one of the new products: Vinagre al Pedro Ximénez. Surely once you have noticed the small deposits that condense at the end of any bottle of vinegar, well, with the structure that has the Naturvie bottle, you do not have to watch if they fall on your plate. In addition, the figure of this decánter system gives the figure of the bottle an elegant and original image, with an ideal shape for its fastening.

3º. We bet on a change of mentality. The fashion of recent years has been able to open the eyes of hundreds of people, health is imposed as a lifestyle, something that has helped us to relate the oil for what it is, an essential product in a healthy diet. But there is still a way to go, because Olive Oil is not just a food with multiple benefits, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a gastronomic experience that you have to know how to appreciate. Why not give a case of Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Conceiving Oil as a gift of value, as we know Wine, is another of Naturvie’s objectives.

4º. Attractive labeling Following the line of experience that Olive Oil can give us, we strive to represent it as it deserves, in an elegant bottle, with a pleasant and suggestive flag, that makes the purchase of the Oil a whim. Among the variety of Naturvie we find labels of all kinds, for all types of audiences, with striking and cheerful series such as Spain in Love, or something more formal like our monovarietals from Arbequina, Frantoio, Cornezuelo.

5º. Team formed by women. Possibly one of the few companies whose main positions are occupied by women, from the person in charge of Administration, that of the Commercial department, of Communication to the head of Production. Each one of them form a strong team, with defined business values ​​to fulfill, without fear of adapting to the trends that the new times are imposing.

6º. We bet on the autochthonous. In order to value, as has been said before, the roots of Olive Oil, in Naturvie we know that we can not forget our origin, Extremadura. Hence, bet on native varieties of the area and typical foods of the earth. In the monovarietals of the Extra Virgin Oil we find the Ernezuelo and the Manzanilla Cacereña.

But in addition, not satisfied with this, knowing the potential of the raw material of the area, it was decided to create another variant of products, linked directly with the olive and the oil: Delicatessen jars.

In all of them you can appreciate the Extremaduran origin of the brand, from the sweet pate of Fig, the salt flakes with Pimentón de la Vera, or the fine herbs, characteristics of the Extremadura countryside.

7º. Handmade production of the products. Naturvie does not believe in industrial productions that deteriorate the final result of the product, each and every one of them pamper themselves from beginning to end to safeguard what nature and the land offers us. In this way, the flavor, the health benefits and their most primary characteristics do not lose an iota of value.

8º. Internationalization The values ​​of Naturvie have served to boost the value of Extra Virgin Olive Oil beyond our borders, since more than a dozen countries have already trusted us. And in favor of liquid gold, more and more people value this precious food for Naturvie. Among the countries with which we have the luxury of counting are: Holland, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Canada, United States, England, Lithuania, Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Puerto Rico …

Taking into account the presence of Extra Virgin Oil in all these countries, we must value with much more reason the food that we have, because Spain, with Italy and Greece the tail, is the main producer of Olive Oil in the world, representing 45% of world production.

9º. Hospitality as added value. The farm of the brand is located in a town near Guareña, Oliva de Mérida, but that does not stop us from making days at harvest time in which customers and friends are invited to enjoy a day marked by the olive harvest and the preparation of the oil. This type of conference is carried out under the best of environments and represents a good time to teach the last laborious process that takes place to reach the elaboration of Naturvie Extra Virgin Oil.

In addition, one of the actions to be followed by Naturvie is to keep the doors of the farm and the company open, available to anyone who wants to know the way of working of this.

For Naturvie, it is essential to teach the most characteristic enclaves of the Finca on a guided tour, a journey that tends to excite and surprise those who visit it.

10º. Much more than oil. As for the production of Naturvie, not everything is reduced to quality oil, we try to transport the taste and properties of the olive to gourmet jars, or as we call them on our website: Delicatessen. Between the pâté and the olive marmalade there are delicious differences that will make you come back to taste the two products, the texture, the flavor, as well as their usefulness, but they keep the main thing: the characteristic values ​​of the olive. These two Delicatessen jars, together with the seasoned olives, make up three products that are similar to the naked eye but different in taste. In addition, the oil that seasoned the olives, is designed for later use, seasoned with herbs and essences, is perfect to complete any salad dish or to accompany a rich tomato or a cheese board. As with all Naturvie products, its uses and utilities are only limited by your imagination.

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