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In Extremadura we have the most delicious and delicated varieties of figs. In our estate “El Caserío,

in Valdetorres, we produce “Calabacita” and “Cuello de Dama”.


Because we wanted our figs to be a special and a delicious product, we created “Naturfig”, a spreadable fig pate with a nice texture. Figs provide energy and they are a source of vitamin B3, fibre, carbohydrates and minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium.


Moreover, the taste of the sugar-coated fig and lemon juice make this spread something incredible.


Uses: It is ideal to combine with all types of cheese, cure, blue, spicy or fresh.

You can not only spread over a cracker but use it in your homemade recipes, with roasted meat or grilled fish and why not? You could even use it with your favorite desserts.


Remember that the combination between the sweetness of the sugar-coated fig and the lemon juice provides a perfect taste and gives a special touch to any dish.


Taste: Sugar-coated fig notes with licorice and citric after taste.

Figs Pate

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