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It is made from the best green olives.


It is made from the best green olives of the Manzanilla variety, picked up in an optimum moment and seasoned carefully. These are keys of this olive spread.

But the taste and the quality of this spread does not depend on these keys only, it also depends on its 100% natural and handmade elaboration.

It is seasoned with typical spices of the region and we use our Naturvie arbequina evoo, that reinforces the organoleptic and nutricional properties of the

olive, making this product the best ally for olive lovers, healthy and natural.


Use: As all our gourmet jars, this olive spread is ideal for canapés because it ́s the best way to appreciate its taste although we can not forget to recommend to add it to other recipes such as

truffled meats or salads.


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