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We present you Sierra del Conde! Our brand of EVOO in bottle format, for everyday cooking.

Our olive oil is obtained from the first extraction of the best quality fruits of each harvest, collected in optimal conditions directly from the tree.

These fruits are always ground the same day they are harvested, obtaining a healthy product with unbeatable qualities.

It comes from different varieties: Picual, Arbequina, Cornezuelo, Frantoio and Verdial...


Tasting: Medium-high green fruity oil that combines the characteristics of different fruits. The sensory notes are associated with apple, almond, green grass and tomato. Its slightly spicy flavor and mild bitterness give our olive oil a notable personality, being highly appreciated for its gastronomic qualities.


Available in 1L, 2L and 5L formats.


Take advantage of the SAVINGS PACK of eigth 2L bottles!

SAVINGS PACK! EVOO Sierra del Conde 8x2L

€200.00 Regular Price
€198.00Sale Price
1 Liter
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