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Traditional recipe with seasonal Green Figs.


Authentic fresh fig jam of the Calabacita variety, the most representative of Extremadura. Very appreciated for the delicacy of its pulp, which allows us to obtain a fine texture for a jam without preservatives, 100% natural, rich in nutrients. These nutrients make this Gourmet Jar a very digestive and versatile jam to accompany multiple dishes.


Use: Combine flavors and create different appetizers: with burrata in tomato carpaccio, soft cheese board, grilled vegetables.
Create delicious and healthy homemade smoothies or ice creams by adding a few spoons of this artisan Jam.
Paninis, pizzas, focaccias, homemade puff pastry with artisan dough and natural ingredients, incorporate a few tablespoons of this delicious Jam.
Add an original and authentic touch to pastry recipes: muffins, cakes, salty waffles, etc.

Fresh Green Fig Jam

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