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The exquisite, that comes from the unique.


Naturvie is the only brand of the world which bottles this variety, that has an unique plantation with wild centenary olive trees that were grafted more than two hundred year ago by our ancestors. There is no geometric plantation frame, olive trees spread down the hillside showing a whimsical garden.


The Cornezuelo variety comes from Extremadura and it is often used like table olive due to it is sweet taste and big size.


Use: Use it in pasta salads and no bitter leaf salads, boiled vegetable, rice and in meat carpaccio. It is

recomendable to use it with cured sausages, fresh cheese, grilled fish or red meat.


Taste: Oil with a green medium-high fruity. You can feel different nuances associated with apple, green almond, green leaf, chlorophyll and tomato. It highlights the sensation of spicy above bitterness and sweet, but keeping the balance in the mouth

with an astringent flavor.


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