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100% Natural, Designed to Surprise.


Surrender to the intensity, naturalness and purity of this EVOO that mixes the creamiest essences of lemon together with the quality and aroma of pure olive juice.

The balance between the slight bitterness and spiciness of the Extra Virgin Oil together with the citrus touches of the lemon results in a balanced and unique Gourmet Oil.


Taste: It offers green and ripe notes with a subtle lemon aroma that intensifies even more in the mouth thanks to the creaminess of this intense and clean Extra Virgin Oil.


Use: By presenting that bitter touch so characteristic of Lemon, it is perfect for both savory dishes and desserts. A sure success to pair in recipes for Cod or Salmon, whether fresh or smoked. In soups or creams such as pumpkin or zucchini, as well as in a good salmorejo in summer, it is perfect thanks to that subtle citrus touch that it provides so naturally.

Premium Lemon Olive Oil 250ml

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