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"our Isa"

Few are the people who do not recognize our Isa in the small town of Guareña, a town in Badajoz where the Naturvie facilities are located. Although it is true that its inhabitants do not reach 7,000, our Isa is known and valued among all of them for its extroverted, spontaneous and even daring ways.

Daughter of a carpenter and granddaughter of a determined confectioner, dedicated more to the invention of cakes and preserves than to the chores of a housewife in the 1920s, she believes that her enthusiasm for creating new recipes comes from her ancestors, her grandmother or “yaya” as she calls it.  


If she is known in Guareña, in the Naturvie facilities, where she has been working for more than 15 years, her personality leaves no one indifferent. It is impossible not to notice the lack of Isa when she is not present in the Warehouse, between songs, laughter and sometimes shouts (because Isa is also a woman of character). Our Carmina and amen (as we also call her when she makes occasional funny comments due to her resemblance to the mother of actor and film director Paco León) makes our working days happy. And it is that our Isa has that admirable ability that prevails in most of the women of our region of Extremadura, that of enduring problems with a smile and the occasional joke. It could be said that our Isa is that player that every coach wants to have on his team to create unity, to go out on the field of play when asked... In short, to contribute by simply being there.  


Of course, as we have said before, our Isa is a person of character and hobbies that she has been developing in her work as Production Manager at Naturvie, which living being develops in its habitat. Isa doesn't like a mess, beware if the production process doesn't follow the steps she thinks are correct! Stay away if someone leaves packaging material out of place!…  


Despite this and, in case it was not clear, our Isa is a fundamental gear in our Production chain. It is she who means that when we announce that "all our Gourmet Jars come from artisanal, natural and traditional recipes" we can do it with a resounding voice, proud of our truth.  


Although, without a doubt, this product, the Fresh Fig Jam, is one of the most special for us and for our Isa. Not only because she has been the architect, but also because of the peculiarity and delicacy of the product. It is a jam that is made solely and exclusively in the Fig Season to achieve the freshest and most authentic characteristics of this fruit. In addition, the absence of chemical preservatives means that the product has a short shelf life.  



But really, do you know how this product comes about?


The fresh fig jam, like so many other things, was the result of the traditional innovation of our Isa. No modern facilities, no haute cuisine gadgets or lessons from reputable culinary schools, sufficing with its modest kitchen; He had the urge to create a fig jam in his spare time, because of that consciousness of use that unfortunately is being lost: “ I had to take advantage of the figs from the orchard before they passed me by ”.  


In this way, with " a little of this and a little of the other ", at Naturvie we were clear about our next objective: Standardize the recipe (once the exact ingredients and quantities had been elicited from Isa), try it with seasonal figs and analyze it healthily. its result; to finally make consumers aware of a product that is perfectly adapted to new consumer trends so that they would have it on their tables.  


Thus, we also make known how, what is so much in demand in food production today, is hidden in regions like ours; with an exceptional pantry and an authenticity in its people, like that of our Isa, which transmits qualities such as simplicity, tradition, craftsmanship, character and naturalness to the product. 

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