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NATURVIE GOURMET, SL (hereinafter, Naturvie Gourmet), with CIF B-85576353 and address at C/ Guzmán El Bueno, Nº12, Planta 6, Puerta A. 28015 Madrid (Madrid), will carry out a promotion under the name "Promoción de Lote de Productos con Nuria Garrido” (hereinafter, the Promotion), which will be governed in accordance with these rules (hereinafter, the Rules).


The promotion:

- It is developed through a contest in the feed of Nuria Garrido's account on Instagram ( ) (hereinafter, Nuria Garrido).

- One (1) prize of one (1) lot with fifteen (15) Naturvie brand items will be raffled among all participants.



The Promotion will be valid from 10:00 a.m. (GMT+1) on June 20, 2021 until 11:59 p.m. (GMT+1) on June 25, 2021.

If for reasons of force majeure or beyond the control of Naturvie Gourmet it is necessary to postpone or modify the duration of the promotion, or cancel or repeat it, this fact will be notified to the participants on Instagram.



The Promotion is valid for the entire territory of Spain.



Participation in this promotion implies full acceptance of these Bases and the express submission of the interpretative decisions made by the organizer. Naturvie Gourmet reserves the right to disqualify participants who fail to comply with them and, especially, any participation that goes against these Bases.


By accepting these Bases, the participants understand their terms and conditions and undertake to comply with the current regulations that may be applicable in this regard, so that by the simple fact of participating in the Promotion they are giving their consent. to submit to the Bases and to legality in a total and irrevocable way.


The participant's statement to the contrary, regardless of when it is made, will imply their self-exclusion from the Promotion and the release of Naturvie Gourmet from any commitment acquired with the participant.

These Bases are available on the Naturvie Gourmet website, at the link , which will be reflected in the Instagram post of the draw, and will be available to anyone. you want to check them.



By accepting these Bases, the participants disassociate Instagram from any claim they may raise during the development of the Promotion, and accept that Instagram is only a totally independent platform of the Promotion.

Instagram does not sponsor, endorse, or administer the Promotion in any way, nor is it associated with it. The information that the participants provide, they do to Naturvie Gourmet and not to Instagram. The information provided will only be used for the assumptions explained in these Bases.



You can participate in the promotion through Instagram.

Participation via Instagram:

- It will be an essential requirement to participate in this draw that the interested parties are, or become, followers of the Instagram accounts of Naturvie Gourmet ( ) and Nuria Garrido (https:/ /, both at the time of participation and during the prize draw.

- A "Like" will be given to the publication that Naturvie Gourmet has launched through Nuria Garrido's Instagram account announcing the draw.

- Nuria Garrido will publish the giveaway post on the Instagram feed and to participate, users will have to comment on that same post mentioning two (2) different friends, Instagram users. 

- The publication will be shared on Instagram Stories, mentioning the accounts of Naturvie Gourmet and Nuria Garrido, already specified above. By completing this step, participants will receive a discount code valid throughout the Naturvie Gourmet online store ( ). The code will be redeemable one (1) per user and will be valid until December 31, 2021.

- Comments from participants that mention repeated users, verified user accounts, accounts that violate the Instagram community rules or that present characteristics of fraudulent or false accounts will not be considered. Nor those comments made in another place other than the publication in which the Promotion is launched. 

- The winner will be the result of a draw made among all those valid comments on the publication of the Promotion.

- Only participations made within the period estimated in section 1 of these rules will be taken into account.

- In the event that there is more than one participation per user, they will be taken into account as independent participations. However, they will be checked so that the mentioned users are not repeated.


Naturvie Gourmet reserves the right not to deliver the prize to anyone who tries to, or comes to defraud, alter or disable the proper functioning and the normal and regulatory course of the Promotion.


Participation is free, voluntary and is limited to those who meet all the requirements listed below:

- Physical person.

- Older than 18 years-old.

- Be a follower of Naturvie Gourmet ( ) and Nuria Garrido ( ) on Instagram at the time of participating and when the draw is held.

- The participant's Instagram profile must be real: it must not contain a false identity.

- Meet the requirements set out in the previous clause regarding the mechanics of participation in the promotion.

- Do not use this promotion to:

· Disseminate political or religious ideas;

· promote insults and/or slander against third parties;

· use violent, obscene or offensive language;

· publish content different from the object of the promotion mechanics.


If it is evident that any of the participants does not meet the requirements of the Bases, their participation will be considered null and they will be automatically excluded from the promotion, losing all rights to the prizes awarded under this promotion.


The following people will not be able to participate in the promotion:


- Natural persons who participate directly or indirectly in the creation of the promotion.

- Any other natural person who has participated directly or indirectly in the organization of this draw or has been directly or indirectly involved in its preparation or development (agency, suppliers, etc.).


Once the promotion has ended as indicated in these Rules, all valid entries will be collected by the organizer and will be included in the prize draw.

The winner will result from a draw carried out by Naturvie Gourmet among all the participants who have correctly followed the steps indicated in the publication. The draw will be held using the App Draws platform or similar on June 26, 2021.

App Sorteos is a platform that guarantees the transparency of the result of the draw and as proof of this it issues a certificate of validity for each of its draws, whose result is unalterable by the organizer of the draw, and which any participating user may request from the organizer.


The prize will be awarded to the user who is chosen in the draw from among all the participants and who is declared the winner, according to the requirements established in these Bases.


Once the winner has been chosen, Naturvie Gourmet will verify that whoever has been chosen meets all the requirements established in these Terms and Conditions and that they can be declared the winner.

To do this, Naturvie Gourmet or Nuria Garrido will contact you by Private Message informing you that you are the winner. The user must respond to such a message, using a private message on Instagram, within a maximum period of 72 hours from its sending with the following information:

- Conformity and express acceptance of the prize or equally express waiver of the same (conditional or limited acceptances will not be valid). In the case of resignation, it will not be necessary to send the data and documents indicated in the following points.

- Name and surnames, complete postal address and a contact telephone number in order to expedite the procedures in relation to the management and delivery of the prize.

If after 72 hours from the notification of the winner, the user does not contact Naturvie Gourmet or Nuria Garrido, we will understand that the chosen one renounces the prize. If the chosen one renounces the prize, Naturvie Gourmet will contact the first substitute for the purpose of proposing and, if applicable (if he does not renounce in turn), follow the steps for the declaration of the winner that has been indicated.


Likewise, in the event that the chosen person does not respond to the message within the aforementioned period or Naturvie Gourmet considers that they do not meet the requirements to be declared the winner, they will contact the first substitute for the purpose of proposing and, where appropriate ( if you do not resign) follow the steps for the declaration of winner that have been indicated.


Once the maximum number of substitutes has been reached, since several or all of them have resigned or do not meet the requirements established in these Rules, Naturvie Gourmet may declare the contest void respectively.

In the event that Naturvie Gourmet and Nuria Garrido deem it appropriate, the name of the winner may be published by Naturvie Gourmet and/or Nuria Garrido on their different digital platforms such as their website or Instagram page, in accordance with the data protection of these Bases.


Among all the participants, one (1) prize of one (1) Lot with fifteen (15) Naturvie brand products will be raffled.


Each prize will be paid according to the following conditions:

- The winner will receive at home, through a courier company, the Naturvie Lot.


The prize awarded in no case may be transferable or susceptible to changes, alterations or compensation at the request of the participants, and may not be exchanged for any other product or for money.


Naturvie Gourmet reserves the right to make changes or add annexes to these Bases in relation to its mechanics and prize, provided that they are justified or do not harm the participants, are made within the validity period of the Promotion, and are notify them properly.

Naturvie Gourmet will not be responsible if, due to a fortuitous event or force majeure, the Promotion cannot be carried out in any of its terms specified in these Bases, without another obligation for Naturvie Gourmet. In such a case, Naturvie Gourmet may opt for a new publication by the same means to the employees for the initial dissemination of the Promotion or its cancellation, without generating any type of responsibility for Naturvie Gourmet.  


Likewise, Naturvie Gourmet will not be responsible for the malfunction of the application.


In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you and you expressly consent that your personal data be included in a Naturvie Gourmet file, being treated by it, in Quality of Responsible for the File, with the following purposes:

(i) Manage your participation in the Promotion and notify you of the result.

(ii) Process the delivery of the prize.

(iii) Manage the advertising of the Promotion and its results by any means, in which the name of the winners of the draw may be included.


In this Promotion, it will be necessary for the proper purpose of the same that the data of the Instagram account automatically collected from the participants and those delivered by whoever is chosen in the draw are true, complete and current, to which the themselves. If the personal data of a winner in the draw is uncertain, false, incomplete or not updated in such a way that the identification of the winner is impossible by reasonable means, Naturvie Gourmet reserves the right to disqualify it from the draw, being free of all responsibility in this regard.


In any case, to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, a letter must be sent specifying the corresponding request and accompanied by a photocopy of the DNI/NIE of the interested party, to the Naturvie Gourmet Office. in Industrial Park La Alberca 5 Guareña, Badajoz CP 06470.


Law 35/2006, of November 28, which approves the Personal Income Tax or, where appropriate, Royal Legislative Decree 5/2004, of March 5, approving the consolidated text of the Non-Resident Income Tax; as well as their corresponding Regulations and other development regulations; or, failing that, the current tax regulations applicable to tax residents and non-residents in Spain. 

If applicable, the payment of the withholding or payment on account corresponding to the prize, at the rates that are in force on the accrual date of the operation, will correspond and will be the exclusive account of Naturvie Gourmet. In the case of “in-kind” prizes, the payment on account will not be passed on to the winners, being, therefore, assumed by Naturvie Gourmet, for which said payment on account will mean a higher value of the prize in kind received by the winners. .

Likewise, Naturvie Gourmet and in accordance with the regulations set forth, will send the winners, on an annual basis, and prior to the opening of the period for communication or declaration of the Tax, the corresponding certificate of withholdings and payments on account referring to the exercise of accrual of the prize and payment of the withholding or deposit on account.


The contents, brand and materials available in the application are protected by copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or other proprietary rights and applicable laws. No material in this application may be copied, reproduced, modified, published, transmitted or distributed in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Naturvie Gourmet.


If any provision of these Bases is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will only affect said provision or part of it that is null or ineffective, subsisting in everything else the rest of the Bases and having such provision or the part of it that is affected by not being placed, except that, because it is essential to these Bases, it would have to affect them in an integral way.


These Bases will be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish law. For any litigious issue arising from the existence, access, use or content of the Bases, the participant and Naturvie Gourmet expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submitting to the jurisdiction and exclusive competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Badajoz capital.

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