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Healthy continues being exquisite.

An spectacular variety, like Mediterranean sea.


Koroneiki’s variety allows us to offer one of the healthiest olive oils of the market thanks to the high level of oleic acid that helps to keep an adequate blood pressure, avoiding cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, it is rich in polyphenols and in bitter compounds so you can use it during of a long time because it is very stable.


Refering to taste, you can appreciate the flavor of the originally olive trees of Greece, a high intensity flavor.


Use: Thanks to its nutricional properties, this olive oil is ideal to combine with rock fish, grilled or

boiled, and at the same time it is perfect to season any salad or vegetables.


Taste: it gives green and mature aromas in nose with notes of cut grass, artichoke and a bit of apple while in mouth appears creamy with a small hint of bitter and spicy at the same time.


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