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Unique bottle on the market, designed by Martín Berasategui

As you have probably observed the shape of the bottle of Naturvie is peculiar, surely you have not seen another similar in the oil market like her. This is another feature that makes Naturvie products unique. The reason why it has that specific form is not to take it better, or to serve more conveniently the Oil, at least it is not the main one. The style that defines the packaging of our EVOO is decánter and although the simple image of this is not to understand the utilities it offers, it has enough to conceive it as the best in the market.

This is confirmed by the research team of Martín Berasategui, responsible for this bottle format, the result of the search for a human need to differentiate itself from others, something that even the packaging of such a Gourmet product can not renounce. Exquisite like Naturvie Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The team of Martín Berasategui thus devised a new type of format that, thanks to its shape, avoids that the possible grounds of the product come to light when serving it. Although Naturvie Extra Virgin Oil is filtered, this container ensures more than any other form the good transpiration and purification of the oil at the time of decanting. Therefore, we can say that it is the first functional technical bottle in the world manufactured in a material as suitable for EVOO as dark-colored glass.

How does it work

As mentioned above, some products such as vinegar, wine or even oil have dissolved solids that settle in the lower part of the bottle after a while. With a traditional bottle system, these grounds have to mix with the rest of the product and finally dissolve or they are dragged by the liquid to the surface, either a dish or a glass. However, this is where the Martín Berasategui system comes in, which thanks to its empty effect will make possible imperfections always remain in the background. Simple physics is the only one on which this system is based, hence its reliability is enormous.

On the other hand, in the extensive and so fashionable world Gourmet not only worth the reliability, quality and safety of the product, it also counts its packaging, its visual result. The modern, elegant and attractive labeling of Naturvie products merges with the shape of this bottle, which makes it original and perfect to display on the table of any restaurant or contemplate as a gourmet gift.

Nor can we forget that the technicality of the bottle, its appeal, is added something extremely important; the functionality of the product. At the time of serving the Extra Virgin Oil, the way to hold the container is completely natural: at the bottom, with one finger on the bottom and the others at the lower waist, something intuitive that greatly improves the use of the product. And most importantly, there is hardly any contact with the glass, something very important for Olive Oil, which like wine, suffers with the change in temperature.

Not everything is wine

Although the shape of this bottle could lead one to think that it was designed only for wine, it is not like that. The excellence of this packaging is not limited to just one product, its use extends to another product of the same or even higher quality that currently reflots and begins to occupy the place it deserves: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In this way, as stated by the research team that invented such a package, Naturvie thus demonstrates to its customers that it is committed to a quality product, to preserve intact all the characteristics of it, without danger that the passage of time may pass a bad play.

I + D + i

The production of a bottle of this caliber was a project led by the acclaimed chef Martín Berasategui, a universal contribution to all existing models that helps the food to reach our tables in the best possible way, in the best conditions, optimizing production elements, opening new I + D + i research lines, new packaging possibilities, enriching the offer to improve the offer of complements that enrich the visual appearance of our gastronomy.

Before all this, Naturvie did not want to go unnoticed this great project, reason why it was united to him, to an exclusive and protected inventive concept. A process that was not easy, due to the complexity of the shape of the packaging, no showcase dared to launch into its production, it was an Italian company specialized in glass packaging that was launched and ended up getting it.

Between the advantages that the consumer can find before the Oil or the Vinegar Naturvie packed in this style of bottle they find: the natural quality of the product, the differentiation in front of other similar products, the simplicity in his use, the authenticity, the enogastronómica revolution …

Awards and honours

With less than a year in the market, the bottle in which Naturvie trusted to pack its Gourmet Oil received among other awards the Oscar de lémballage, the most prestigious international recognition in the world of packaging, delivered in November 2010. To this, we must add the important award World Star Packaging Adward awarded to the research team of Martin Berasategui by the World Packaging Association thanks to the innovation of this new bottle concept and excellence in the sector.

A year later, in the Galician Hall of Gastronomy and Tourism, the Innovation Award was also for the creators of such a structure.

From Naturvie, the main reason why we trust in a packaging as revolutionary as this one was not to wrap a high quality product like our EVOO, of our own production, in a bottle unique in the market, with great technical qualities, attractive, useful and perfect to preserve the qualities of our flagship product, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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