Pasta Salad with Appetized Olives and Arbequina Olive Oil

Pasta Salad: Mediterranean Macaroni

We always need quick recipes to prepare for those days that we have little time to be in the kitchen. In addition, the summer seems to have arrived later than normal and the heat tightens more than ever, so what do you think if we prepare this Mediterranean macaroni salad to taste fresh?


  1. 300 grams of macaroni

  2. 10 cherry tomatoes

  3. Marinated olives Naturvie

  4. 8 anchovies

  5. 20 grams of capers

  6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  7. Half an onion

  8. A lemon

  9. Salt


The first thing we should do is cook the pasta al dente. Meanwhile heat a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a pan, and make a sauce with the onion well chopped.

When the onion is browned, add the hydrated capers, the cherry tomatoes halved, the Marinated Olives Naturvie drained (we will reserve the Arbequina spaced EVOO from the olives, to dress the salad) and the anchovies.

We cook everything over medium-high heat until the tomatoes are soft.

Then, when the pasta is al dente, we remove the macaroni from the water, drain it well and add it to the pan with the rest of the ingredients. We skip it quickly.

To finish we will add the spicy oil that we had reserved for the Marinated olives Naturvie and the lemon zest for the macaroni. And so we will have a delicious Mediterranean dish.

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