Granola with Orange Aroma

Granola with Orange Aroma


  1. 200g oat flakes

  2. 50g of nuts

  3. 50g of cashew nuts

  4. 50g of hazelnuts

  5. 50g pistachio

  6. 5 dates

  7. 40 ml of Orange Olive Oil Naturvie

  8. 20g of sesame seeds

  9. 20g of raisins

  10. An egg white

  11. Cinnamon to taste

  12. Orange zest

  13. A pinch of salt


Mix the mixed nuts and grind them with the help of a powerful mixer until they are chopped. It is important to choose them naturally, that is, not to be salted or fried.

Add the nuts in a large bowl next to the sesame seeds and the oat flakes.

On the other hand, mix with the blender 5 pitted dates with the equivalent in weight of water, the Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the cinnamon to the taste, a bit of orange zest, an egg white and a pinch of salt.

Beat until a liquid consistency and add to the bowl, stirring well to integrate all the ingredients.

We preheat the oven to 150º and place a paper tray on which we place the granola well distributed and flattened.

We bake for 20 minutes and store in jars.

The versatility of the granola is very large. It can be used as breakfast cereals, as yogurt topping or even mixed with fresh chopped fruit.

By Victoria Fagúndez, for Naturvie.

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