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Baked potatoes with Olives Jam

Maybe you do not remember but this was one of the dishes that we included in the Christmas menu for Christmas Eve, despite that we think it is good to get it back to light. This dish is perfect for a day in which culinary ideas do not come to light and yet we feel like tasting something original, a tasty recipe.

This meets all the characteristics, is the simplest, you do not need many ingredients to make it and above all, the result is really good. Of course, among the main elements, in addition to the obvious potatoes, it is vital to have in our pantry one of the Naturvie Gourmet Jars, specifically the Olive Jam.

Baked Potato Recipe with Olives Jam



  1. Wash the potatoes and put them in a pot with plenty of water and a little salt. We boil until they are tender.

  2. When they are ready, we drain them and let them warm up.

  3. We arrange them on a baking tray and lightly shave until they break.

  4. We pepper it, we water it with a little Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, and put on top of each potato a little olive jam and some grated cheese.

  5. Spread the rosemary leaves on top and grate in the oven until the cheese is browned.

By Aisha, LaCocinadeAisha, for Naturvie.

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