Artichokes with cream cheese, ham and salt flakes with paprika de la Vera

Artichokes with cream cheese, ham and salt flakes with paprika de la Vera

We all love a good raw material, in this case the artichoke, with a good seasoning. Nothing more Extremadura than the Serrano Ham, you better put it if it is Iberian acorn, a cream of cheese and something of the earth and very aromatic: the Salt flakes with sweet paprika from La Vera. It will give the dish a unique color and aroma!


  1. ½ dozen fresh artichokes

  2. 1 tbsp of cream cheese

  3. Pecorino cheese

  4. 2 tablespoons whole milk

  5. 3 thin slices of Iberian ham

  6. Salt in Flakes with smoked sweet paprika Naturvie


Clean the artichokes by removing the stem and the outer leaves until you have only the heart. Put them in a pot with plenty of salt water and let them boil for 15 minutes. Drain them.

Take a half slice of ham and roll it into the artichoke. Do the same with the remaining artichokes and brown them lightly in a pan with a stream of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

On the other hand, in a bowl, mix the cream cheese with the milk until it is integrated. Add some grated Pecorino cheese and mix well.

To serve, serve a teaspoon of cream cheese on the bottom of the plate and place an artichoke on top. Finish by adding Salt flakes with Smoked Sweet Paprika from La Vera as the final icing on the plate as well as small flakes of Pecorino cheese.

By María Sainz, SnapsFotografía Gourmet, for Naturvie.

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