The Oleoturismo evolves, the Team Building also

The Oleoturismo evolves, the Team Building also


Our most entrepreneurial Oleotourism has arrived

For you, what is Oleotourism? quoting our friends of Olive Oils from Spain and saying that: “Oleotourism is tourism focused on the production of oil that aims to disseminate the main characteristics and processes of elaboration of Olive Oil” and certainly, Oleotourism is that and much more.

In Naturvie we want to go beyond avoiding getting stuck in a present that is becoming increasingly obsolete, the future is pressing, the expectations of consumers, the new technological trends mean that the client does not conform to what he already knows, what he already has Wait or what has already been announced.

The experts agree, the customer is demanding, everything is transformed into an improved and interactive version, including our Oleotourism Days. In them the sensory experiences are fundamental, the walk through the Finca has become obsolete, we must know more but above all we must review the way to do it. The senses cease to be reduced to sight only, let us know with more intensity and greater repertoire what each variety offers, from the most authentic of the area such as the Cornezuelo or the Manzanilla Cacereña to the most international, as is the Greek Koroneiki. How? so that the visitor participates in the Day, knows and participates in the process, try the different nuances offered by each variety but also smell them, taste them …

Oleotourism is imposed as a family leisure option, although, as we have said before, we want to go further. Offer it not only to the more traditional tourist, but also to you, workers, groups of companies that seek greater productivity through the approach of their workers, the strengthening of their personal relationships and a good working atmosphere that motivates the development of the best work.

And what better environment than an unconventional, attractive, entertaining and natural environment learning? We have warned you, like everything else, the Team Building evolves, the best thing is that here in Naturvie, we have the perfect solution.

Participating fully in the Oil Process is possible, from the first step in the collection of olives to the last depositing them in the mill, until you get your oil, seeing the true color and smell of olive juice. And such a process, why not practice it in teams?

We have said it, the Oleoturismo evolves and the Team Building also, why not make them evolve together?

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