Launch of Premium Orange Oil

Launch of Premium Orange Oil

The place chosen could not be another, the Margarete Space, with the kindness of its owners, Xavier and Keka, who helped at all times to make everything perfect and with its beautiful corners, perfectly enabled for the realization of a Showcooking. An ideal place that was in tune with the nature of our Orange Oil, something fresh, modern and rustic at the same time.

Margarete space in Madrid

Margarete space in Madrid

Welcome and Presentation of the new Gourmet Product

Once we welcomed all attendees, we began with a brief introduction of the Product, the key points that had moved us, what had influenced us and each of the details we had devised to turn this Orange Oil into something much more than an oil, in an experience.

Of course, we could not fail to emphasize the importance of innovation as a fundamental principle of Naturvie, but it was also necessary to admit the great cultural influence of our Extremadura region on the basis of the product.

Why make an Orange Olive Oil? In Extremadura the cultivation of this fruit is common in most of the gardens and farms, therefore, there are many traditional recipes that are made with Orange. Some recipes that we will release throughout this month of December to celebrate the launch of this product.

Orange Oil Presentation

Orange Oil Presentation

Multisensory Experience

The quality of the EVOO to the Orange and the design of its packaging are guarded in a Gift Case that holds more than one surprise inside, so that when we open it we can gradually discover it. This is what we classify as a Multisensory Experience.

Details that prepare you for the final tasting, that of a pure, naturally flavored Olives juice, rich in notes and aromas that Fernando Sánchez-Mohíno, Naturvie‘s manager, explained.

One of the most important parts of the event, not only to learn how to taste EVOO, but also to clear the great myths that exist around the culture of Oil.

Event Program Tracking

Fernando Sánchez Mohíno, Naturvie manager and EVOO expert, offering the Tasting

From the theory to the practice

After the tasting it was time for the culinary demonstrations by our chefs: Laura López of the Blog O’Food took care of the entrees with a gluten-free Bread made with cauliflower and ground almonds, a pumpkin hummus and some Cheese Balls , all of them with Orange Oil as a star ingredient.

While our collaborators Pilar Onrubia and Nuria Garrido, founders of Cinnamon & Co., offered the sweet note of the day with a few cups made with: orange sponge cake base, Greek-style yogurt and an oat gargoyle cover with toasted nuts with our EVOO to the Orange.

Laura López in her elaboration of Gluten Free Bread with Orange Oil

Cinnamon & Co. in its preparation of orange sponge cake with yogurt and granola

Some assistants of the most foodies

In the event we were able to count on the assistance of clients, friends and specialized press, all of them with the ideal gourmet spirit to inspire us to create products like this. Among them we could count on the curious and expectant looks of our group of culinary bloggers, who did not stop sharing the experience with all their followers.

Patricia Tena, from TicTacYummy, photographing elaboration of Cinnamon & Co.

Laura Sacristán, of Shoothecook, photographing elaboration of Laura López

At the end of the event, everyone agreed on the originality of the product, an Orange Oil that differs from any other and is already available on our website.

Before ending this post, the Naturvie Team wants to thank each of the attendees for their sympathy and willingness to continue learning and trusting us.

Thank you!

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